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Alvis Miller & Son Funeral Home & Crematory is a compassionate funeral home that offers funeral and cremation services in Rockmart, GA and the surrounding areas. Since 1981, we are a family-owned and operated business that had been committed to providing personal care to those who call upon us in one of life's most challenging moments. We are here to guide you through the creation of a service that reflects your values, preferences, and budget. You will feel the support of knowing we are here to walk with you through this inevitable journey of grief every step of the way. Our staff are caring and experienced professionals who understand that each family is unique and has personal requests and traditions. These requests and traditions are of utmost importance to our staff of licensed funeral directors. Give us a call today at 770-684-5437 for more details.

Strengths of Comprehensive Service Providers for Funeral and Cremation in Rockmart, GA

Rockmart GA Funeral Home And CremationsSaying goodbye to a dear loved one who has died is the most challenging thing any of us will be asked to do. If you are in the position of needing to plan the arrangements for this loved one, the task may feel daunting. However, a simple way to support yourself through the process of designing services related to funeral and cremation in Rockmart, GA, is to hire a full-service funeral home and cremation provider. These professionals keep a bird’s eye view of the entire process to help everything run seamlessly and honor your loved one’s memory.


Even if you plan to keep things reasonably small and simplified, many details and tasks must be completed when preparing final arrangements. One of the reasons you will benefit from working with licensed funerary and cremation experts is that no matter what service options you decide to use, they will be able to help you with any of them. Additionally, the details, phone calls, and coordination needed even for streamlined options can be off your mind.

A full-service funeral home and cremation provider can help with things like:


Transportation of Your Deceased: When you call for service, the provider will come as soon as you ask them to, no matter the time or date. They have the training and knowledge to move the deceased safely and securely to their facility. Throughout the arrangements, if the remains need to be transported to other locations for the funeral, burial, etc., they will handle each step of the process.


Obituary Placement: Some families wish to write up an obituary, which is encouraged. If help is needed for drafting or editing the piece, that is a service your funerary provider can assist with. Getting the finalized obituary submitted for digital or print publishing is also handled by your funeral home.


The Littlest Details Can Make the Biggest Difference: Printed acknowledgment or memorial cards, program details, and other stationery needs can be ordered on your behalf to be ready for the day of services. In addition, placing orders for flowers or plants and having them delivered to your ceremony venue and transported throughout the service will help beautify the scene and pay tribute to your deceased.


Arrange for the Interment: A full-service funeral home and cremation provider can oversee all coordination at the cemetery or memorial park you have chosen for the interment. A tent and chairs will be set up to be ready when the family arrives. Having the grave opened and closed in a timely way is also an important detail to have coordinated.


Other Considerations: A comprehensive firm can work out solutions if you need to have services live-streamed or recorded. Also, if your loved one is eligible for veteran services and military funeral honors, the experts at your chosen funeral home will coordinate the appropriate additions to the events.


Selection of Services Such as a Funeral and Cremation in Rockmart, GA

Your deceased may have left verbal or written instructions about their wishes related to their death care needs before they passed away. This can be helpful, but if those wishes are not recorded or known, you must decide how to handle this. Funerals can be elaborate and extended over multiple related events, including a visitation, viewing, funeral, committal, and reception. In other cases, a funeral may be held as a single event at the graveside.


Cremation offers an alternative to burial in a traditional casket. A cremation procedure burns the deceased remains until all soft tissues have been eliminated. The remaining bone fragments are then ground into small pieces called ashes. These can be buried, kept in a funerary urn at home, or scattered in a beloved natural setting.


Connecting Grieving Families with Helpful Support

No question losing someone you love is unspeakably difficult. The emotions run high as you navigate the needs related to services and events like a funeral and cremation in Rockmart, GA. Unfortunately, even as the services are complete and your dead is laid to rest, the journey with grief is likely just getting started. Still, you have no reason to feel that you must walk this road utterly alone.


The funeral professionals you work with will give you at least some support and offer available resources to assist you and other survivors in finding help and healing. Though grief is a journey that never ends, it does change. Therefore, connecting you and your family to the applicable digital and local professionals and tools to support the bereaved is immensely valuable to many people walking this path.


Call to Work with Experts in the Field

The caring experts at Alvis Miller & Son Funeral Home & Crematory have been assisting families through these deeply anguishing decisions and discussions for more than four decades of compassionate service. Making plans for services surrounding needs with funeral and cremation in Rockmart, GA, will be a healing experience when you have the comprehensive support and service options found here. Our facilities are located at 304 W Elm St, Rockmart, GA 30153, for your convenience. Please call (770) 684-5437 for immediate or future needs.



Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs


How do I plan for funeral costs and expenses?

When planning your funeral, you should also consider the financial aspects of it. This includes things like what type of service you want and how much it would cost, as well as planning ahead to cover any final medical or legal expenses related to your death. You may also want to consider setting up a fund or savings account specifically dedicated to covering funeral costs so that your loved ones are not burdened with this expense after you’re gone. Learn more why planning ahead is important.


What kinds of services can I choose from?

There are many different options when it comes to choosing a type of funeral services. Some people opt for a traditional burial with an embalmed body that is displayed at the memorial before being buried. Others choose cremation, which involves reducing the body to ashes through intense heat. There are also green burials, which forego embalming fluids and bury the body in a biodegradable casket or shroud.


What types of social security benefits are available to cover funeral expenses?

There are two main types of social security benefits that may be available to cover funeral costs: survivor's benefits and supplemental payments. Survivors' benefits provide monthly income to spouses, children, or parents who depended on the deceased person's income before he or she passed away. Supplemental payments provide one-time payments directly to the surviving family members in order to help pay for related expenses like last expenses or funeral costs.



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