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For three generations, Alvis Miller & Son Funeral Home & Crematory is here to provide quality funeral and cremation services to Taylorsville, GA and the neighboring areas. As a family-owned funeral home since 1981, we are committed to providing personal care to those who call upon us in one of life's most challenging moments. We're here to help you design a service that reflects your beliefs, preferences, and financial constraints. We provide all individuals in need in the community with the assistance, compassion, information, and advice they require. Our staff are caring and experienced professionals who understand that each family is unique and has personal requests and traditions. Give us a call at 770-684-5437 for more information.

Why Hire a Full-Service Provider for Planning a Funeral and Cremation in Taylorsville, GA?


Taylorsville GA Funeral Home And CremationsEspecially if you haven’t needed to do it before, planning the final arrangements for a loved one can feel a bit overwhelming. One of the best things you can do to help yourself with this is to hire the services of a full-service funeral home and cremation provider. A firm like this aims to provide you with absolutely everything you might need related to final arrangement services like a funeral and cremation in Taylorsville, GA.


So, what are some ways a complete provider of deathcare services will seek to lift your burden through a most challenging time? Read on to see a few things you might expect.


The Secure and Legal Transfer of the Deceased Remains to Relevant Locations: Death doesn’t typically occur at the funeral home. When someone passes away, they need to be brought to the facility as soon as legal clearances have been issued. Funeral directors and staff are certified to assist with this process. If your loved one needs to be transported some distance, including over borders, your trusted funerary experts can take care of the shipping process.


Obituary Support and Submission: If you require assistance in creating a well-designed obituary to offer a written tribute and notice of your loved one’s passing, a full-service funeral provider can help. This professional will also assist in getting this submitted to the relevant publications in a timely way.


Printing Needs: Some honoring ceremonies are supported by having a printed outline of program events, acknowledgment or memorial cards, and keepsakes. If this applies to your situation, the professionals you are working with will help you design, proof, and order these items.


Floral Arrangements and Delivery: The order of floral arrangements you have specified to beautify and add to the honoring ceremonies for your loved one will be handled by the funerary team. They will also ensure these flowers are delivered and transported to the various locations they will be needed throughout the funerary events.


Interment Scheduling and Finishing Details: A committal service may be offered at the graveside if a is happening as part of the services. In that case, arranging for escorts to lead and accompany the funeral procession may be needed. Tents and chairs could be set up for the closest relations at the cemetery for the duration of the event. Having the grave opened, with the burial vault placed before the time of the graveside portion of events, will also be scheduled in a timely fashion.


Specific Honors and Accommodations: If your loved one qualifies for veteran benefits and military funeral honors, the full-service funeral home and cremation provider you have hired will take care of arranging these meaningful tributes for your ceremony. Additionally, if you have specific needs or circumstances that need to be accommodated for your guests, be sure to make them known. This notice will help your death care professionals make any required arrangements in plenty of time for the events.


Pick the Services Like Funeral and Cremation in Taylorsville, GA, that Match Your Needs

There are no specific rules about which services are best. Each family will have its circumstances and needs when choosing either or both funeral and cremation in Taylorsville, GA. Consider what will support your family and friends to have healing experiences, any known desires of the deceased, and your budget when making these decisions.


Funeral services can be significantly varied. Complete funerary packages may include many events such as a viewing with the visitation of the family, the funeral ceremony, a committal service at the burial site, and a reception to close out the day. There is no requirement to hold all these meetings, but together, they may serve you and your loved ones well in saying this impossible goodbye. Because funerals are marked by having the body of the deceased present, this style of service is usually scheduled as soon as logistics can be worked out.


Bereavement Support and Care

The needs of you and your grieving family and close friends are another consideration that your full-service funeral home and cremation provider will seek to address. Though their services to assist you with laying your loved one to rest will be brief, they will work to help you get connected with relevant resources that may help you. Grief is a journey without a clear roadmap, but certain things can help individuals navigate their path.


Competent and Compassionate Help is Here

For all your needs related to services such as a funeral and cremation in Taylorsville, GA, give our team a call. With more than 40 years of committed experience in this business, Alvis Miller & Son Funeral Home & Crematory experts are more than competent. You can see our comfortable and calming facilities located at 304 W Elm St, Rockmart, GA 30153 by calling (770) 684-5437 to schedule a tour.



Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs


Are memorial services always held in a church?

No, memorial services do not have to be held in a church. They can be held wherever the family feels would be most meaningful. This could be at the funeral home, in a park, or even in the person’s home. Learn more about memorial services.


What type of military honors are available?

There are a number of different types of military honors that can be performed, including an honor guard and flag folding ceremony. This can vary depending on the veteran's rank and branch of service. Learn more about honoring veterans.


How long does a funeral usually last?

A typical funeral will last around two hours. This includes time for guests to arrive, the service itself, and any time for guests to speak with the family after the service. However, some funerals may be shorter or longer depending on the needs of the family and the wishes of the deceased. Learn more about common questions about funeral.


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